NeckTite MAGIC


NeckTite MAGIC

You will love the magic! Instant neck lift.. it works!

No surgery, No messy creams, No painful injections.

Look years younger in an instant with NeckTite MAGIC.

Unfortunately many women over 40 have unsightly lines, folds and sagging skin about the neck. Surgery is an alternative, however very expensive. Creams take months for any noticeable results – if at all.

NeckTite MAGIC works instantly in one easy application, each and every time you want to look your best.

NeckTite MAGIC dramatically smooths away neck lines, neck folds and neck wrinkles in one simple application.

Unlike creams and other applications, NeckTite MAGIC strips provide INSTANT results. An Instant Necklift!


The benefits

The advantage; an instant necklift, painless, holds for hours, and is invisible to the eye. NeckTite MAGIC strips are skin friendly, breathable and resist moisture.

It’s benefits are that it is an instant solution, surgery free, costs very little as compared to other wrinkle reduction methods. It dramatically reduces the look of an ageing neck by smoothing away lines, folds and wrinkled skin with one simple application.

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Don’t forget to take the Magic with you in your purse!

You never know when you will need one!



New material with extra stretch and adhesion!


How To Use

  • Before you apply your Magic strips, first make sure your skin is clean and dry. Keep oils, lotions and makeup away from the Magic strips.  If your skin type is oily, prior to applying Magic strip, rub the area with alcohol or Witch Hazel.

  • Snip the right and left side of the Magic strip evenly to adjust the size to fit your back of neck area.  

  • Pin longer hair up, ensuring the neck is clear of any lose strands.

  • Remove the right side of the protective backing where you see an overlap

  • hold the center of the strip and remove the remaining backing almost to the end, leaving an inch to use as a handle.

  • Starting with the left side, attach the left side of the strip just under the hairline

  • Using your thumb and forefinger, pull the skin on the right side of the neck towards the left side, to form a fold in the middle of the neck. Remove the rest of the backing and attach the remaining section of the strip to the right side of the neck.

  • Magic strip removal:  for ease of removal, using warm tap water simply moisten a cotton pad and place over your Magic strip to loosen the adhesive.  Allow the warm water to penetrate the area for a few seconds then lift up one side and then lift up the other side, gently pull each toward the middle, remove an discard.

  • Should you experience any adhesive residue left on your skin once the Magic strip is removed, simply apply either rubbing alcohol or any oil-based product with a cotton pad to the area for easy removal.

Please watch the instructional video that demonstrates application. For more helpful tips and tricks see the frequently asked questions below.