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A tried and trusted anti-wrinkle product used by Hollywood stars for over 20 years, providing an instant lift that will tighten loose skin on your face, neck and jowls, take years off you and give you the confidence of knowing you look great.


Sun exposure, gravity and genetics all play their role in the aging process. As our faces begin to mature one sees the lines around the mouth begin to drape and shadowed creases highlight the droop. The nasolabial folds (affectionately called smile lines) grow prominent. The jaw line loses elasticity and jowls appear. And unlike other body parts we may wish to conceal, the face can't be so easily hidden.


How To Apply

Application is easy!

Surgical grade adhesive tabs are connected to elastic cords (color matched to your hair but hidden once complete.)

Simply place the tabs to the target points on either side of the face and lift, bringing the elastic clasps together and instantaneously cheekbones are redefined, jowls disappear and skin is firmer.

Watch the application video above.

  • Each pack contains 1 set of face lift bands, 1 neck lift band,  44 tabs and full instructions.

  • Art Harding’s Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift comes in two colours : Dark and Light.

  • The lines are smoothed but not frozen. It's you, only better.

  • With the INSTANT FACE LIFT, a youthful appearance doesn't require invasive procedures and expensive potions; the changes are subtle but powerful, sculpting but never startling.

  • What does the Instant Face Lift feel like?
    Customers have made the analogy between the Instant Face Lift and a good bra. A proper fit and supportive, you may at first be aware you have it on but soon you're wearing it. The Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift should not pinch or pull as these are signs of improper application. The device should lift the skin NOT pull and that is why we recommend you sit down and read through the directions at least once before use.
  • How often can I use it?
    The Instant Face Lift was designed to allow for the lifestyles of every woman. Some wear it on a daily basis while others opt for use on special occasions. Please note that each application requires a new set of tapes and that is why the kit comes with 22 pieces of tape. Refill tapes can be ordered.
  • How long can I wear the Face Lift?
    The device is secure enough that actresses often wear it 13 hours a day under hot studio lights. We recommend up to 12 hours a day for optimal results.
  • Will it come off unexpectedly?
    The Instant Face Lift should remain comfortable and secure as long as directions for application are followed and a new set of adhesives are applied with each use to clean, dry, and oil-free skin..
  • How is it hidden? How can I prevent the tapes from showing?
    The translucent surgical grade, hypoallergenic adhesive used with the Instant Face Lift is one inch in size and once applied is very much like a second skin. Applied generally at the top of the jawline where the sideburns begin, the matte finish makes it easy to conceal if your hair is long or on short hair styled with sufficient sideburns. The Neck Lift requires long enough hair to cover the tape on the neck.
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